Required Reading

16 Jul 2021

I want to share a short list of very readable books on (sorely) neglected topics that I’ve enjoyed, and that I believe should be required reading for all young people. Without ado, here they are:

In summary, these four books cover four different subject areas that I think everyone should have some grounding in:

  1. Personal finance
  2. Truth-seeking and incentives
  3. Politics and emotions
  4. Randomness and success

Have any thoughts? Read any of these books and enjoyed them? Let me know!


1: Fooled by Randomness has interesting implications for personal well-being: (1) you can choose who you compare yourself to! (make sure it is a statistically representative sample, not the result of a survivorship or availability bias), and (2) favor the pursuit of good average-case outcomes, over exceptional best-case outcomes.

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